Silk thread earring

Silk thread earing is used to decorate a girls. Doing this earing is so colorful, that’s   your choice. In the same manner this earring is easy to do come let’s try this earing  so soon

Material RequiredDSC06418

  1. Base cap
  2. Mold cap
  3. Canvases cloth
  4. Stud and base
  5. Small ball
  6. Stone chain
  7. Color Stone chain
  8. Gum {glue}
  9. Silk thread
  10. Kundans\beats
  11. Beats chain
  12. Eye pin
  13. Head pin


  • Take base cap & apply gum inside the base cap
  • Now start rolling the base cap with Silk thread
  • After rolling the base cap with Silk the end of Silk thread apply gumDSC06423
  • In upside and downside of base cap & apply gum, paste the mold
  • Insert head pinDSC06426
  • Put small ball
  • Close the end of the head pinDSC06431
  • Take canvases cloth and apply gum
  • Now decorate by using stone chain, kundan , color stone chain beats chainDSC06430
  • On backside of canvases cloth paste studDSC06432
  • Decorate the jumkaDSC06433

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As butter fly is so butter flies can see for next generation it’s so bad. After doing these flies we get to see new type of butterflies

Material Required

  1. kg cardboard
  2. Scissor


  • fold these wayDSC06408
  • Again Fold in this wayDSC06408
  • Fold interior wayDSC06409
  • Same way thisDSC06410
  • Cut in the edgeDSC06411
  • Fold half of it
  • Same to another sideDSC06412
  • fold as shown in imageDSC06413
  • fold little from back  

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ice cream pen stand

stand is used to store the things . that is now you are going to do the pen stand to store the pens , pencil , than your wanted things

Material requiredDSC05479

  • ice cream stick
  • CD player
  • gum (glue)


  • take a CD player


  • paste an ice cream stick on the CD player like thisDSC05504

  • Than make as shown in the picture

  • follow the same rule  DSC05506

  • and make as your own decorations

                                 [”thank you”]

match stick pen stand


Match stick is used to give a light to us. With the match you can do arts crafts. Now you going do a pen stand using match stick

Material required

  • Match stick
  • Gum(glue)DSC05997


Take a match stick arrange the match without give a pinch of spaceDSC06013Now arrange crosslyDSC06035Now easy match stick pen stand is readyDSC06033

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beauty flower

material required


  1. Kg cardboard
  2. CD player
  3. Gum
  4. Scissor


    1. Take a 4 color KG cardboard
    2. make a 4 color small piece of square shaped DSC05613
    3. Make a cone-shaped
    4. Take a CDDSC05614
    5.  paste your liked color paper on it
    6. Now paste the one color of cone on the CD
    7. Continue like this than you get a beautiful flowerDSC05650now see a slide show of beauty flower

                                {:thank you:}


Tent House Craft Using KG Cardboard

house is very important . If house is not there people would live you have seen in your surroundings and now you are doing with paper . This is now tent house craft

Material requiredk 

  • kg cardboard
  • glue(gum)
  • scissor
  • pencil
  • scale


  • Take three colors kg cardboard make a square one of base, two of front and back, one of topDSC05445
  • Take any three colors kg cardboard
  •  Take two square . flow like thisDSC05447
  • Than fold it in the edge of the triangleDSC05448
  • Fix both of the triangleDSC05449
  • Using punching machine make the hole in the top. In the of the triangleDSC05450
  • In the hole pass the rolled paperDSC05465
  • Cut two side for doorDSC05451
  • Take a small rectangle for window. Paste it in the frontDSC05455
  • Take  big rectangle for   top of the house
  • Your “tent house craft using kg cardboard” is ready  DSC05458

                          {THANK YOU}


quilling earring with stud

The earring can wear as your daily wear ,marriage ,modern dress ,party wear and other function as you want your style ………

Material Required

  • Quilling paper strips
  • Quilling paper needle
  • Earring stud
  • Earring base
  • glue(gum)
  • scissor


  • Take two different color quilling paper strips


  • using quilling paper needle. Make tiredly rolled coil


  • Make which is having a space in middle. Just little larger size


  • And small size circle


  • Paste big circle and small circle  together


  • Take a quilling paper strips and make a pieces in small


  • Fix that we have made in 2 step


  • Using a quilling paper needle. Make a lose coil as you like


  • You get the space .stick the lose coli in the space


  • And decorate with precious stone

  • your “quilling earring with stud”is ready